Our Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

The best possible protection of resources as well as the environment forms the heart of our philosophy and our products reflect this idea. Therefore, predominantly renewable and – compliant with REACH – label-free raw materials are used for the production of our polyurethane systems.

This results in the following advantages:

  • odour neutrality,
  • easy processability at room temperature,
  • no thermal post-curing required,
  • no harmful emissions during processing and thereafter,
  • low viscosity and therefore easy miscibility of the components,
  • easily controllable reactivity depending on the application,
  • disposability of the reacted product as household waste.

Adaptation to Individual Intended Purposes

The systems are matched to the respective application in our own laboratory and in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Product Categories

  • puncture protection
  • coating
  • binding agents
    • binding agents for foundry sands
    • binding agents for fibre mats