Cast Material and Quality

PUROLiT is versatilely applicable. Cast materials used so far:

  • cast iron containing spheroidal graphite and lamellar graphite
  • aluminum
  • cast
  • magnesium
  • copper


The heat-related expansion of quartz sand (quartz inversion) often leads to veining in the PUR cold box as well as in the pep set method. In special core samples of cast iron (GJL, GJS) and cast steel, this error indication was deliberately provoked. PUROLiT showed a significantly reduced tendency to veining compared with conventional binders.

This proved the broad applicability of the new binder system PUROLiT over the entire range of usual casting temperatures.


Advantages of PUROLiT:
  • no cod breakage in the mold production
  • precise construction of deep, narrow contours

The increased casting quality using PUROLiT significantly reduces the expensive efforts for post-processing.

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